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Welcome to the Gig Economy

The way we work is changing.

recent study by Intuit predicts that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers will be independent contractors.

In fact, up to 162 million individuals are engaged in independent work.

Our economic landscape is changing, and it affects every industry.

Simply put, those ready to take advantage of this change will have a major advantage over those who do not.

The Hyer Platform provides organizations and individuals a unified, secure, and easy way to search for, book and manage independent work.

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Introducing Hyer

Meaningful Connections
Hyer connects people through a messaging system users will instantly get the hang of (and immediately love).

Hyer Profiles
People can introduce themselves, build a following, or get to know the people they'd like to hire. Hyer’s detailed profiles help showcase what makes people and businesses unique.

Safe and Secure
Your privacy and security comes first. Hyer’s secure network, background checks and vetting process helps to build a community everyone can trust.

A Sense of Community
When great organizations connect to quality workers, it’s good business. When those connections are made with a focus on the community, we believe it’s good for everyone.

In the future, Hyer will provide an easy way for workers and business to give back to their communities, if they choose.

Hyer will also donate a portion of every transaction to the communities and markets we serve.

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Help Us Change the World

Join our early access program and help us change the world. With your support, we will build the best new experience for the Gig Economy future.

Getting Down to Business
As an early access business, you’ll discover a community of fully-vetted, background-checked individuals who are ready to get to work.

Hyer eliminates the need for multiple apps, experiences and platforms; streamlining your management of on-demand labor. This means you can scale the help you need, as you need it, and focus on your business.

Hyer is affordable. A 34% transaction fee is less expensive than old-fashioned temp agencies, and since everything is in one place, you’ll save time knowing the help you hire has successfully passed a background check.

We Know You’re Ready to Work
As an early access Tasker, you’ll have access to local opportunities, earn real money, and build a following. We will conduct a background check through Checkr, and we’ll even help you cover the cost by allowing you to pay for it using the money you earn on Hyer.

Making Payments and Getting Paid is Easy.
Our payment partner Stripe  will have you up-and-running in no time. Payments are safe, secure and all within the Hyer app. All fees are presented clearly and directly, so you always know how much help costs, and exactly what you’re going to make.

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What People Are Saying

“Hyer was so helpful when other employees could not come to work. During a very busy Christmas season we were able to seamlessly keep delivering where normally we would have run into many obstacles."

Nicole  |  Thrifty Florist

“Through Hyer I have been able to make good use of my free time when I’m not in class or studying. Since finding out about Hyer I have been informing friends and family about the amazing opportunity this is. I am very satisfied with my experience and will recommend it to more people I meet."

Kalen  |  Tasker, Detroit

Get Started Today

Hyer is currently available in the Detroit Metro Area, Chicago, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio for iOS and Android devices.

Get Started Today

Hyer is currently available in the Detroit Metro Area, Chicago, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio for iOS and Android devices. Here’s how to get started:

We’re looking forward to seeing what you accomplish, and hearing your feedback.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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