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In business, delivery is all about keeping things moving, and customers happy.

Your customers are expecting more these days. Same-day, local delivery is a competitive advantage you can bring to your business, without the worry of staffing a full-time fleet. Tap new markets or supplement your existing delivery services. Hyer Delivery Taskers can help you drive more business door-to-door.


Floral Delivery

With every delivery, Flowers are a special, and perishable gift. Getting them to your customers safely and on-time is part of your commitment to your customers. Whether it’s business as usual, or when special events, holidays or busy times arise, Hyer can help you deliver your arrangements, leaving more time for your staff to arrange, create and delight customers. 


Food Delivery

Whether your business is a restaurant, store, bakery, or specialty shop, Hyer can help you with local Food Delivery at the tap of your finger. Food deliveries have a built-in expiration – if not delivered on time, your customers are not happy. Hyer Taskers are ready to deliver for your business right now, and your team can track those deliveries right on their device.


General Delivery

Quick and convenient General Delivery can set a business apart in a crowded market. The problem is, it’s often difficult to staff delivery positions and maintain a fleet of vehicles. With Hyer, it doesn’t matter if you’re an established business, or one that’s just getting started, it’s simple to add to your delivery team or build one from scratch. Hyer Taskers are fully vetted, background-checked, and insured. In short, they deliver.

It’s Time to Go Hyer.

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Live Status Updates

You’ll always stay in the know with live in-app updates provided by your Taskers. Status updates include On the Way, In-Progress, and Task Complete.

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Time Management

The process of signing up, posting a task, and choosing an applicant takes 5 minutes or less. Your time is important.

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Cut Costs

Stop paying for company vehicles, insurance, and gas. Our Taskers use their own vehicles, fully fueled and insured.


Three-Hour Guarantee

Boasting one of the highest fill rates in the industry, we’re confident that you’ll find a Tasker when you need them the most.

How Does Hyer Compare?

Hyer Fill  Rate

Businesses using the Hyer platform enjoy a significantly higher fill rate when compared to the industry.


Hyer Applicants

On average, businesses using Hyer consistently have access to more Taskers than the industry average.

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Hyer Response Time

Hyer’s response time supports businesses planning ahead, or those with last-minute needs.

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Industry Fill Rate

The industry fill rate, though better than 50%, can still leave you empty-handed too often.

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Industry Applicants

A broader pool of applicants gives your business more choice, Hyer outperforms the industry.

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Industry Response Time

Requiring days to fill positions is far from an on-demand solution. Hyer is 12 times faster.


Done and Done.

Here’s What Our Partners Are Saying…

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“Hyer was so helpful when other employees could not come to work. During a very busy Christmas season we were able to seamlessly keep delivering where normally we would have run into many obstacles.”
– Nicole , Thrifty Florist

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