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On-Demand Labor when and where you need the help, at your fingertips.



When Merchandising is done well, it delights customers and boosts business.

Hyer Taskers can help support your merchandising needs, especially when things are busy. With Hyer, you can book the merchandising help you need, when you need it, no matter where you are.


Third Shift Resets

The third shift. It’s not an easy shift to work, and it’s even harder to staff. Unfortunately, the graveyard shift is critical when it comes to keeping stores looking and operating their best. Hyer helps to simplify booking support for this notoriously difficult time. Hyer Taskers are ready to work and up to the Task, at a time of day when most people are down for the count.



Managing and maintaining Inventory is a common cause for concern with large and small businesses alike. Hyer Taskers can help you handle your Inventory tasks like, sorting, offloading and onloading, factory labor, checking for expired products, and safety protocols, reliably and accurately. Gain extra flexibility by adding help to get the job done faster, provide additional support during busy times, or whenever your business needs the help.



Customers do not like empty shelves. Your customers come to your store because you’ve set a high standard for customer service and quality. In other words, out-of-stock holes in the aisles just won’t do. With Hyer, you can reliably and consistently get the restocking help you need, and ramp it up during holiday, weekends, or special promotions. Fully stocked? Check.

It’s Time to Go Hyer.

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Live Status Updates

You’ll always stay in the know with live in-app updates provided by your Taskers. Status updates include On the Way, In-Progress, and Task Complete.

no fees

Qualified Stockers

We offer in-person training to our Taskers specifically for merchandise stocking. Once completed, a badge is placed on their profile.

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Three-Hour Guarantee

Boasting one of the highest fill rates in the industry, we’re confident that you’ll find a Tasker when you need them the most.


Time Management

The process of signing up, posting a task, and choosing an applicant takes 5 minutes or less. Your time is important.

How Does Hyer Compare?

Hyer Fill  Rate

Businesses using the Hyer platform enjoy a significantly higher fill rate when compared to the industry.


Hyer Applicants

On average, businesses using Hyer consistently have access to more Taskers than the industry average.

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Hyer Response Time

Hyer’s response time supports businesses planning ahead, or those with last-minute needs.

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Industry Fill Rate

The industry fill rate, though better than 50%, can still leave you empty-handed too often.

applicants industry-1

Industry Applicants

A broader pool of applicants gives your business more choice, Hyer outperforms the industry.

response time-industry-1

Industry Response Time

Requiring days to fill positions is far from an on-demand solution. Hyer is 12 times faster.


Done and Done.

Here’s What Our Partners Are Saying…

logo serv-u-success

I just want to commend the entire Hyer team for the outstanding work that was completed for our team!!! I called on Thursday evening and you guys were ready to go by Sunday, adding an additional 6 stores to the current 5 to complete the 3rd shift reset work. Thanks again for a job well done!! Kudos to all!!
– Adam, Serv-U-Success

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